A tourists car was saved from falling into Bosphorus Sea in Istanbul

Last week a group of locals in Istanbul saved a car from from falling into Bosphorus Strait.  The locals sat on the hood of the car after it had slowly rolled backwards down a street and teetered on the bank of the strait.

The tourists, who were visiting a museum in the Beşiktaş district on the European side of Istanbul, had parked their rental car near the Bosphorus but forgot to apply the handbrake before exiting the vehicle.  It was then that the car slowly began sliding backwards towards the strait.

The car got hung up on the wall of the strait after the back wheels had gone over.  The car then dangled on the wall.  Several passerby’s quickly sat on the hood of the car to help add weight to the front of the car and keep it from sinking into the water.

Police officers searched the museum to find the car’s owner, who panicked once he learned about the incident.

Members of the fire department arrived at the scene with a lifting crane and pulled the car safely to the street.

No one was hurt during the incident.

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