You Can Actually Do Something Good With Those Eclipse Glasses Instead of Throwing Them Away

August 23, 2017
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Now that you have enjoyed the magic of the solar eclipse, you can ensure that other less fortunate children can have the same opportunity.

Astronomers Without Borders is an organization that is collecting lightly used eclipse glasses from Americans who experienced the most recent breathtaking phenomenon. The glasses will then be distributed to schools in South America and Asia so they can use them to view the next local eclipse in 2019.

The organization has already collected over 100,000 glasses from corporate sponsors, half of which have been donated by Google.

While Astronomers Without Borders is also raising money to buy more eclipse glasses, they hope to ease the environmental impact of the event by recycling the paper devices for the less fortunate.

“The response to our glasses donation program has been overwhelming! We’ll have more places to send glasses posted before long, but for now, everyone is traveling back from the eclipse,” says the program. “Most importantly, don’t throw your glasses away! If you want to collect them from your friends, neighbors, school or anything else please do!”

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